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Active Principle:

After the position-oriented sorting, the parts to be supplied are separated into so-called nests and supplied through a molded hose to the remote collection point with the help of the medium air (compressed-air / airflow).
With this principle only very little space is needed directly at the supply station since the sorting of the supply parts takes place outside of the process.


  • The feeding is possible even with very little space since only the feeding hose as well as the removal station have to be integrated into the system.
  • Several molded hoses can be connected to one step conveyor, thus supplying several systems with one feeder.
  • The supply parts are slowed down with the help of a collection station at the removal station and thus supplied while protecting the material (compressed air technology).

Two variants are available:

Compressed-air technology

The separated and position-oriented part to be supplied is placed into a molded hose.
Pressure is built up behind the sorted part that pushes the part to be supplied through the hose.

Blowing technology

The separated and position-oriented part is placed into a molded hose.
A blower that is installed near the feeder transports the sorted part through the hose by means of airflow.
With the help of the KÖBERLEIN & SEIGERT blowing technology, only about 1/10 of the energy costs incur compared to compressed-air technology with the same output.

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