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Step feeder C-Series

This tabletop unit is perfect for small parts. Because of its versatile adjustability parts can be pre-sorted and brought into the correct position. Its capacity of over 100 parts per minute is record-breaking in this weight class.

Transfer height: ca. 440 mm

Capacity: 1 – 100 parts per minute (higher output possible upon request)

Suitable parts for sorting:

  • Screws from M2 to M10 and a length of 5 mm to 50 mm
  • Washers and nuts from M2 to M12
  • Pins and sleeves from 2 to 12 mm in diameter and up to a length of ca. 50 mm
  • Formed parts up to 50 mm in length, 15 mm in width, 15 mm in height

Material: Metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, wood, electronic articles



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