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Köberlein & Seigert GmbH
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North America Operations
Koeberlein & Seigert LLC
Phone: +1 (864) 592 0015


1969 Founded in Saal a.d. Saale (Bavaria) by Josef Köberlein
1977 First in-house produced feeding equipment
1980 Entry into the automotive industry
1981 New building and move to Bad Königshofen (Bavaria)
1992 Expansion of the plant to meanwhile 4,000 m²
1993 Establishing an in-house engineering department
1997 Acquisition and expansion of a second plant in Breitungen (Thuringia)
1998 Initial certification of ISO 9001
2000 Establishing a subsidiary in the US
2005 Selling to new shareholders; Change of company name in "KÖBERLEIN & SEIGERT"
2007 Building of new plant in Queienfeld (Thuringia) 5,000 + 1,800 m² Production, Engineering & Office
 Consolidation of both locations Bad Königshofen and Breitungen
 Start up of manufacturing facility in Campobello, South Carolina, USA
2009 Certification of ISO 9001:2008
2014  Purchase of the Production and Office facility in Campobello, South Carolina, USA: 45000 sq. feet (4180 m²)
 manufacturing + 3600 sq. feet (335 m²) Office on a 8 Acres (32375 m²) property.
2015 Koeberlein & Seigert LLC, USA celebrates their 15 Year Anniversary.
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